"As architects we are fully committed in finding solutions to the more and more urgent problem of housing, and not only in the first world. Suffice it to remember the slowness of response to natural disasters and migratory movements to realize that the present procedures are unable to deal with them, at least in a decent way. The refugee camps or the slow reconstruction of cities after a disaster should made us be ashamed of ourselves.
Based on a wooden meccano and being aware of its limitations, 'CASAMECANO' enables a simple and accessible architecture whose main novelty is the DIY (do-it-yourself) concept. These self-building idea intends to save money and promote self-esteem..

It is not about typical constructions, it is a new approach which allows to design houses that meet the required needs, volume and area".

Ignacio Lacarte. Architect

e-mail info@casamecano.com        Telf: +34 607491291        Plaza Extremadura 8, 22004 Huesca. Spain.